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This single family residence located in the Gaslight District of Manhattan Beach is one in a series of homes commissioned by Kuhlhaus Development, LLC and produced by the award-winning Los Angeles based Design/Build firm Lean Arch, Inc. Committed to responsible development – redefining the modern home in response to concerns regarding energy consumption, land-use and the environment – this solar powered home with an open plan and large glass sliding doors create both visual and physical continuity between the interior and exterior. Flexible use spaces including the multiple outdoor patio and deck areas and a nod to “industrial chic” through use of building materials demonstrate why Kuhlhaus 02 is Build It Green rated. [via artslant]



This house is build in the region between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains. The project consists of two twin houses sited adjacent to each other on a steep slope above a seasonal watershed. This project is exploring a blend between two classic California building types: the courtyard house and the hillside house.

This typological hybrid “corrected” certain shortcomings in the hillside prototype. The central courtyard creates a large protected outdoor living space secluded from direct engagement with adjacent properties. The main courtyard and adjacent courtyard/recesses pierce the entire space of the house creating light shafts to rooms typically “buried” in the hillside and also expanding direct access to grounded exterior spaces.

The exterior surfaces are rough cut, transitioning to smooth finishes on the interior surfaces. The windows and the interiors of the courtyards are smooth, white, light reflective surfaces to further transmit light deeper into the house.


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The house is a beautiful, single family beach house designed to replace an existing dwelling on the site which apparently has been in owner’s possession for a number of years. Design goal was to embrace a two storey covered outdoor living space connecting the house and garden and overlooking the Broadwater. Very nice plan isn’t it?

Also designed to take full advantage of prevailing summer breezes, this house contains a number of passive ESD initiatives. It possesses opening windows on all sides giving good natural ventilation. More solid walls to the south exclude the cooler winter winds. Walls, floors and roofs are generally light colored to reflect heat.

Materials comprise painted, rendered concrete masonry for external walls was generally used. Some areas of timber frame walls are clad in fiber cement sheet with aluminum cover battens. The roof is steel framed and lined. Window frames and shutters are anodized aluminum. Flooring is generally white terrazzo with some areas of natural timber boarding. An over all very pleasant residence designed for a modernist family that can afford better thing in life. [via contemporist]



The Agora Theatre is a very cultural architecture with performances and new media works. Located in Netherlands Lelystad. It was established in 1967 and famous for its controversial and forward-thinking city planning. A big part of Lelystad is water. And on top off all that another major area is the internationally popular nature park Oostvaadersplassen (try to repeat this name for at least three times). The city is also surrounded by a square of woodlands, parks and gardens. It must be a really lovely place…But wait there is more…Agora Theatre is not only a theater. It’s a museum and art in itself. Even if no performances were taking place, art exhibitions or lectures are always keeping this space busy and vibrant.

The staircase is pink…Hmm I was under impression that Dutch never cheat on Orange and I mean under no circumstances…. But the most spectacular premises in the theater is the red concert hall… (bang they did it again, now with red). Ok I was clearly wrong about Dutch obsession with orange…or wasn’t I?

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Robert D. Henry Architects have designed the interior of the SHO Shaun Hergatt restaurant, located in New York’s financial district. Located in the heart of the Financial District, SHO Shaun Hergatt invigorates one of Manhattan’s last uncharted restaurant frontiers. With its sleek design and seamless hospitality, SHO Shaun Hergatt transforms the neighborhood’s dining identity with a restaurant unlike anything Wall Street has seen.