Why we always sell our work with Certificate of Authenticity.

When you buy a valued product or a rare piece of fine art work, a priceless photograph or a sports picture you must have often felt the need to be certain that what you have purchased is authentic and creditable.

What Is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity provides a guarantee of genuineness. As an avid collector of autographs and art work you must buy only stuff that is backed by a Certificate of Authenticity. This ensures that what you have bought is not counterfeit. Reputed companies offer a Certificate of Authenticity for their products.

Contents and Benefits

A "Certificate of Authenticity" is a virtual goldmine of information and broadly educates buyers about the product or art work. It contains the artist’s name and contact details; the buyer or his friends can get in touch with the artist if they wish to buy more prints of the work. The source of the paper used in the work must be explained in the Certificate. Such information is of interest to zealous fine art collectors. Details of paper dimensions supplied by the certificate can be used by the buyer to order frames of the correct size for the picture. This information also helps the buyer to check whether the art piece has been messed up with. Names of the master printer and publisher serve as a guarantee for the purchaser. Dates of signing the print and date of edition help art historians to maintain a precise timeline of the artist’s work. The Certificate also offers the buyer information about deletion of the matrix which renders duplicity impossible. Additional information on techniques used, artist’s comments can also be furnished in the Certificate of Authenticity.

A Certificate of Authenticity is legally binding for all nations and valid for all languages. So next time you shop for those invaluable art works and products insist on a Certificate of Authenticity and be assured that you are investing in the real thing.